2/3/2014- Video going up

Movies and commercials that I have scored or written music for are now on the soundtrack page...

12/20/2013- The site is undergoing some changes

 Music is being added; scores and other media too.  More complete and categorized work is in the works & scores menu.  For a general overview of different types of work, uncategorized, there is still the audio/video page.  Some slots are still empty while items are being prepared.  Check back


The iTunes podcast is back.

This refers to the podcast of audio interviews with key New Orleans musicians that are not so easy to find in New Orleans's regular music media (or propaganda?) forums.

The real podcast had to be slightly renamed because of obscure problems with the iTunes store.  If you search and find two podcasts under the name, Jonathan Freilich,  the operational one will be 'Interviews with notable New Orleans musicians'  The podcast features the material from this site's 'Interviews with Musicians' page and showcases in depth interviews with well known and lesser known contributors to New Orleans musical life. To get there on itunes click here... 

To directly access the RSS feeds for the blog and interviews pages on this site use the links below.